2024 Pool Water Filling Restrictions
in Malaga: Your Guide to Navigating the Changes

  • Solar Pool Cover - Standard

    400 Microns - 375 g/m²
    Keep your pool clean and reduce evaporation with our standard solar pool cover. It's the economical choice for quality and efficiency.

  • Solar Pool Cover - Premium

    500 Microns - 460 g/m²
    Our premium solar cover not only protects your pool but also uses the sun's energy to keep your water warm.

  • Solar Pool Cover - Gold

    500 Microns - 460 g/m²
    Add a touch of luxury to your pool with our gold solar cover, designed for optimal heat retention and an elegant look.

  • Solar Pool Cover - Silver

    500 Microns - 460 g/m²
    The silver pool cover reflects sunlight and heat, maintaining your pool's temperature while providing robust protection.

  • Translucent Solar Pool Cover

    500 Microns - 460 g/m²
    This cover allows sunlight to penetrate, warming your pool naturally while keeping out debris and insects.

  • Black Solar Pool Cover

    500 Microns - 460 g/m²
    Opt for the sleek aesthetics of a black cover that offers superior protection and heat absorption, ideal for cooler climates.

  • Reinforced Solar Pool Cover

    700 Microns - 560 g/m²
    With high-resistance polyethylene fabric, this cover is made to endure. It's the ultimate in durability for peace of mind.

  • Foam Pool Cover

    6 mm Thickness - 500 g/m²
    Experience the highest insulation with our foam pool cover. It's perfect for maintaining temperature and reducing heating costs.

Understanding the New Restrictions 2024

As we step into 2024, residents and pool owners in the Malaga area are facing a significant change in pool usage regulations. Due to environmental and resource management concerns, the local authorities have implemented restrictions on filling pools with water. This decision, although challenging for many, is an essential step towards sustainable water usage in our region.

The Impact on Pool Owners

These restrictions affect both private and public pool owners, from small backyard pools in suburban areas to larger community pools. Without the ability to fill pools as usual, owners might be concerned about the maintenance, safety, and future usability of their pools.

Introducing a Smart Solution: Pool Covers

In response to these restrictions, we at Eco Pool Heaters are offering an efficient and practical solution – high-quality pool covers. Our pool covers are designed not only to comply with the new regulations but also to ensure the longevity and cleanliness of your pool.

Why Choose Our Pool Covers?

  • Protection: Our covers prevent debris and pests, maintaining pool hygiene.
  • Safety: A covered pool is safer, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Maintenance: Covers reduce the need for frequent cleaning and chemical treatments.

Tailored for Your Needs

We understand that each pool is unique. That’s why we offer customized pool cover solutions that cater to the specific dimensions and needs of your pool. Whether you have a small private pool in a backyard in Marbella or a larger pool in a community center in Estepona, we have the right cover for you.

Request a Quote Today

To learn more about how our pool covers can help you navigate these new regulations and keep your pool in top condition, please contact us for a personalized quote. Let’s work together to address these challenges smartly and sustainably.

The 2024 pool water filling restrictions in the Malaga area bring new challenges, but with Eco Pool Heaters’s custom pool covers, you can protect your investment and ensure your pool’s readiness for future enjoyment. Embrace a responsible approach to pool care with our expert solutions.

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Costa Pool Supplies With Solar

Electricity costs in Spain have been steadily increasing, presenting a growing concern for many individuals and businesses. However, amidst this challenge, Spain's abundant sunshine offers a remarkable solution - Solar Electricity.

Spain boasts a climate that allows us to harness solar energy almost year-round, making solar power an excellent option. By harnessing solar energy to power your pool heaters, you can significantly offset electricity expenses, potentially reducing your reliance on the grid and enjoying a more sustainable, cost-effective solution for heating your pool.

  • Ample Sunlight

    Spain's sunny climate offers abundant solar potential, making solar energy a fitting choice for uninterrupted pool heating.

  • Cost Savings

    Solar panels cut electricity costs significantly, providing substantial long-term savings.

  • Eco-Friendly Solution

    Solar pool heating is clean and eco-friendly, reducing carbon footprint and preserving the environment.

  • Government Incentives

    Spain offers incentives like tax credits and grants to encourage solar energy adoption, enhancing its affordability.

  • Property Value Boost

    Solar panel installations increase property value while providing sustainable, efficient energy solutions.

  • Energy Self-Sufficiency

    Solar power grants energy independence, ensuring stable pool heating costs despite fluctuating electricity prices.

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    At Eco Pool Heaters, our commitment to customer satisfaction is our badge of honor. We invite you to explore the testimonials from our valued customers, as they share their firsthand experiences with our services and products.

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  • Expert Pool Repairs

    At Costa Poole Supplies, we're your trusted repair experts for all types of pool equipment and accessories. Our skilled team is dedicated to bringing your pool gear back to optimal condition, ensuring your pool functions smoothly and efficiently.

  • Total Clean Promise

    "At Costa Poole Supplies, we stand against 'Spot Cleaning,' an unethical practice adopted by some pool service companies to cut costs. We prioritize thorough and comprehensive cleaning, ensuring your pool receives the attention and care it truly deserves, without compromising on quality.

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