Why heat your pool?

Ecopool Espania provide you with the best solution for heating your pool. With the inverter technology pool heating is affordable and eco friendly.​

Fairland Inverter poolheaters.​


We like the option to use our pool all year, but fact is that we have only really good use few summer month unless we help the temperature up.​

We all like to use the pool already in Marts and April and the kids are asking daily, and when we finally in May allow them to try it´s a fight to get them out and dry before they get sick.​

Imagine the cost of your pool yearly and the 3-4 months you may use it, given all the remaining months this is still running and cleaning and having same cost but no usage.​


Is your pool for you usage or rental, you should not miss out on this option.

Let us tell you more about how to get a heating system that is affordable and low running cost.​

Spend 1-2 euros a day and use your pool 10-12 months a year !​

For you, your kids and for your guests !