Wonder Gel

  • All in one Swimming Pool Clarifier gel-tab.

  • Also removes Phosphates.

  • No chemicals only bio-degradable products.

– Use your pool constant no break, let the kids enjoy at all time, no waiting time after adding products.

– Contains Chitosan, a natural, biodegradable clarifier DOES NOT CONTAIN Polyacrylamide

  • No complicated usage, no need to remember times to add.

– Very easy to use.

  • Our gel formula avoids spills and leakages in your pool.

  • Save and help your existing filters.

– Helps improve filtration media

  • Works with sand and glass filters

  • Cannot be overdosed.

  • Amazing clarifying effect, Glass-like crystal Clear Water For pools up to 100m3

  • Long-lasting effect.

– Not like normal tabs that get dissolved quick.

WonderGel working in pools for 3 to 5 weeks even when dissolved.

General Pool tips:

For Cloudy Pools:

Always check basic pool balancing
– Chlorine 1-2ppm
– pH 7.2-7.6
– Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid Levels) – 30-80ppm Adjust above if necessary.

Clean Filter by backwashing as per manufacturer’s instructions

After Backwashing, return filter to FILTRATION mode.

For best results, place Wonder Gel in the Pump Basket (not skimmer). If placed into the skimmer the Wonder gel will too long to dissolve, therefore delaying the desired end result of clearing your pool.

Run the pump overnight. The next day the pool should be significantly clearer.
If your pool is still cloudy, backwash the filter and run the pump again for 24 hours. When you have a clean and clear pool return the pool pump to normal filtration cycle. As a guideline, this should be between 8 to 12 hours per day depending on the size of the pool

Always remember to maintain correct Chlorine and pH levels.

And always have a WonderGel to keep your pool looking and feeling fantastic.

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