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For over five years, we've been the trusted name in pool heater installations across Marbella, Malaga, Estepona, Almuneca, Nerja, and beyond. At our core, we're driven by a commitment to deliver reliable and affordable services to each and every customer

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Experience Expert Swimming Pool Heater Services in Costa del Sol, Spain

In the heart of Costa del Sol, our dedicated team specializes in seamless swimming pool heater installations and service. We understand that the fondest summer memories are crafted by the pool—splashing, playing, and simply basking in the sun's warmth..

Typically, the joy of our pools lasts about 3 months a year. However, envision extending those joyous moments to up to 9 months annually with the aid of a pool heater. Bid farewell to the struggle of chilly waters and relish in the luxury of a warm, inviting pool throughout much of the year.

  • Maximized Pool Enjoyment: With our efficient pool heaters, you can relish your pool for up to 9 months each year, significantly extending your swimming season and creating more memorable moments.
  • Seamless Installation: Our skilled technicians ensure a hassle-free installation process, tailored to suit your specific pool requirements. We handle the technicalities, so you can simply dive into the warmth of your pool.
  • Energy-Efficient Solutions: Our pool heating systems are designed to be energy-efficient, providing you with cost-effective and eco-friendly ways to keep your pool warm and inviting, while also reducing energy expenses.
  • Local Expertise, Personalized Service: Situated in the vibrant region of Costa del Sol, we understand the unique climate and pool needs of this area. Our personalized service caters to the local community, ensuring your pool heating solution is ideal for the weather conditions in Spain.

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Eco Pool Heaters With Solar

Electricity costs in Spain have been steadily increasing, presenting a growing concern for many individuals and businesses. However, amidst this challenge, Spain's abundant sunshine offers a remarkable solution - Solar Electricity.

Spain boasts a climate that allows us to harness solar energy almost year-round, making solar power an excellent option. By harnessing solar energy to power your pool heaters, you can significantly offset electricity expenses, potentially reducing your reliance on the grid and enjoying a more sustainable, cost-effective solution for heating your pool.

  • Ample Sunlight

    Spain's sunny climate offers abundant solar potential, making solar energy a fitting choice for uninterrupted pool heating.

  • Cost Savings

    Solar panels cut electricity costs significantly, providing substantial long-term savings.

  • Eco-Friendly Solution

    Solar pool heating is clean and eco-friendly, reducing carbon footprint and preserving the environment.
  • Government Incentives

    Spain offers incentives like tax credits and grants to encourage solar energy adoption, enhancing its affordability.

  • Property Value Boost

    Solar panel installations increase property value while providing sustainable, efficient energy solutions.

  • Energy Self-Sufficiency

    Solar power grants energy independence, ensuring stable pool heating costs despite fluctuating electricity prices.

  • 5 Years of Pool Service

    At Eco Pool Heaters, our commitment to customer satisfaction is our badge of honor. We invite you to explore the testimonials from our valued customers, as they share their firsthand experiences with our services and products.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Enroll in our weekly pool maintenance service at Eco Pool Heaters and unlock our exclusive 'Water Quality Guarantee.' Experience peace of mind knowing that your pool's water quality is in expert hands. Don't miss out—sign up today and prioritize your pool's health and clarity.

  • Experienced Technicians

    At Eco Pool Heaters, we pride ourselves on our team of highly skilled technicians. Their dedication to excellence ensures you receive nothing short of exceptional service. Rest assured, your pool needs are in capable hands.

  • Expert Pool Repairs

    At Eco Pool Heaters, we're your trusted repair experts for all types of pool equipment and accessories. Our skilled team is dedicated to bringing your pool gear back to optimal condition, ensuring your pool functions smoothly and efficiently.

  • Total Clean Promise

    "At Eco Pool Heaters, we stand against 'Spot Cleaning,' an unethical practice adopted by some pool service companies to cut costs. We prioritize thorough and comprehensive cleaning, ensuring your pool receives the attention and care it truly deserves, without compromising on quality.

  • Request an Estimate

    Ready to elevate your pool experience? Reach out today to request a personalized price quote for pool maintenance, repair, or renovation services at Eco Pool Heaters. Let's make your pool dreams a reality.

Sarah Thompson Designation

"I've been relying on Eco Pool Heaters for years now, and their service never disappoints. From prompt pool repairs to their weekly maintenance, my pool has never been in better shape. The 'Water Quality Guarantee' they offer for regular maintenance customers is a true testament to their commitment to excellence."

Mark Davis Designation

"Eco Pool Heaters came to the rescue when my pool equipment needed urgent repairs. Their highly skilled technicians handled the job swiftly and efficiently. I've also taken advantage of their pool renovation services, and my pool now looks brand new! I highly recommend their expertise."

Jennifer Lewis Designation

"I was tired of 'spot cleaning' tactics used by other pool service companies. Eco Pool Heaters impressed me with their dedication to quality and transparency. The team provided a thorough pool maintenance service, and I'm extremely satisfied with the results. I won't trust my pool to anyone else."

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